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Master your money with Kathy & the Accountable Network

during this class i was able to get a job and then quit and get a better job and start a savings account and overall feel more competent with money and my future

— student,Canada
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The truth is they can!

The Money Mavericks game and coaching programs are designed to equip youth and young adults with a holistic overview of how money works and how to make it work for them

This class really helped me with saving and investing and I feel very prepared for the world of personal finance!

— student, USA
money education for junior high kids

Money Mavericks Junior

Teens don't have to wait until they are an adult to discover the consequences of real-life money decisions. They can learn what success is and how to reach it now.

money education for high school kids

Money Mavericks Senior

If your teen is starting to dream about moving out or going to post-secondary school, it's time to take things to the next level. Their questions are welcome here.

money management for families

Money Mavericks Family

Completely transform your family! Money Mavericks Jr. or Money Mavericks Sr. for the kids. Adults can choose either private or group coaching for themselves.

help for young entrepreneurs

Young Entrepreneur

Teens build a business in the Money Mavericks game while developing the foundation to start a real business with the help of a business coach.

Money Mavericks base programs can be tailored to different needs and interests, which is why we don't post our prices or an outline on our website. We have a variety of methods, topics, and lengths you can choose from and you have ideas of your own, so let's have a conversation.

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66 real-world simulations

Equip the next generation to ...

Foundational skills

Empower the kids you love to ...

Way more than budgeting

Impact their future as they learn

Keys for winning at life

Eliminate painful financial mistakes because they can

I would tell [people] that this class can be used as a important tool, starting point, or even continuation of their financial knowledge. I also think that in-class discussions were quite useful.

— student, Canada

Did you find the program engaging and worth your time?

98% said YES!

There were several things that I had either not considered, or was simply very good to refresh and build upon. Things that were relevant to me or will be in the near future like buying a car, housing or interesting topics like insurance, identity theft or compound interest were reasons why this class was quite a good tool that I'll be able to use in the near future.

— student, Canada
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Financial Coaching Designed Just for Teens

the secret to getting teens engaged is to make it relevant to them right now

Teens don't have to wait until they grow up to experience the consequences of money decisions. They earn money, manage their spending, start saving for something they are excited about, and get to discover how their decisions impact their future as the character they play in the game. There's no risk since it's play money and all gain since they learn so much in the process. Any questions, hurdles, or results they experience in the game get addressed in the live coaching sessions.

I genuinely felt excited to learn something new and practical that made me feel more prepared for my life right now.

— student, USA
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What happened in the game?

My brother and I picked out a character, did the happiness scale, and chose a job. First day on the job, payday, and we set up a savings plan, (it was hard to know where to put the money.) I wasn't exactly sure where to put my money, so I'm curious to see how it plays out.

— student, Canada
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Go beyond what's on the shelf

Customize the experience for what you need

Each base program can be tailored to different needs and interests. They all have fun and informative content that is delivered through activities, videos, and video game adventures. Everything is packaged with live, on-line sessions with a professional financial coach. Family packages have an additional series of sessions for just the parents (either privately or in a group program).

Teens gain valuable skills and the mentoring they receive solidifies positive money habits that aim them toward financial confidence and a fulfilling life.

The coaching conversations provide a rich opportunity to learn individually or alongside others as they process their discoveries.

Parent and Student Guides are provided so you can engage in the program with your teen and talk about money together, even if you don't feel confident about the topic of finances.

My favorite part was how I was able to do my work throughout the week, which would spark things I was curious about, and then I was able to have a real life conversation with an expert that was not only able to answer all my questions, but bring up new questions that I hadn't thought of.

— student, USA

Who is Kathy?

Financial Wholeness & Community Wellness Coach

For over 20 years, Kathy owned her own graphics and web design company and now thrives as she serves through coaching, teaching, and mentoring. Along that journey, she spent many years home schooling her kids and enhancing curriculum by using technology, art, and imagination to help them learn science, history, English and math.

Today, she actively coaches individuals, families, and micro-business owners to refocus, gain control, and make a plan that leads them to the success they are looking for. She is a mentor in the Coach training organization, Coach Connections, LLC and a leader in the Accountable Network of coaches.

Discovering Financial Wholeness with Kathy helps youth, families, and micro-business owners refocus, gain control, and make a plan that leads them to the success they are really looking for. Kathy's training and experience allow her clients to move quickly past basic budget and debt reduction conversations to strategic coaching that results in sustainable and transformational growth.

Kathy resides in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with her husband, Chris.

I learned so much that school has never taught me, and without this class, I most likely would have been going into college and life not knowing how the world of money works.

— student, USA
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